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We offer a range of home groups from Mens Groups, Mid-Week Meetings, Bible Studies, Ladies Meetings and Fellowship Groups. If you have any questions – please contact the office by clicking the "Contact us" tab in the top right hand corner.



What are “Home Groups” all about?

(by Geoff Atkinson)

The small group has always been a significant force for renewal in the Christian church. There are three reasons which compel us to take seriously the potential of small groups in bringing new life to us as individuals and to our congregation as a whole. They are:-

  1. Christ used a small group strategy: At the heart of Christ’s strategy was a dynamic small group. The genius of Christ’s ministry was that he devoted himself primarily to a few people rather than the masses in order that the masses could be more effectively reached with the Gospel.
  2. Small groups in the early church: the New Testament church followed the model the Lord gave to them. They had two focal points; they kept their attendance at the temple and met as small groups in homes to break bread, praising God and enjoying each other, and God added to their number. (Acts 2: 46-47).
  3. Small groups in the history of the church: Church history has many outstanding examples of new spiritual life and growth through the ministry of small groups.

There can be a wide variety of different types of small groups. Their purpose differs according to the specific needs of the individuals involved. However, the emphasis that our church wishes to instill in our small groups is one of sharing experiences and building strong relationships. Whatever the type of small group, it is well to keep before the group four points for adult spiritual growth:-

  1. The importance of worship, prayer and fellowship in our everyday lives.
  2. Knowing and obeying God’s word and understanding how it makes a daily difference in our lives.
  3. Our responsibility to work alongside fellow believers.
  4. To move outside our walls and into the community.

To meet on a regular basis as part of a small group can be a life changing and meaningful experience. If you wish to be part of this ministry, want to join a small group or simply have some concerns or questions please contact our office.


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