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Title Speaker Date Downloads
David and Prayer Aash Parmar 11/6/2017 mp3
David and Goliath Aash Parmar 14/5/2017 mp3
Fruit of the Spirit Aash Parmar 7/5/2017 mp3
Life in the Spirit Aash Parmar 30/4/2017 mp3
The Depth of Openness Aash Parmar 2/4/2017 mp3
Salt and Light Aash Parmar 5/3/2017 mp3
Baptist World Aid with Eliza Johnson Eliza Johnson 12/2/2017 mp3
What Do You Want From Me? Aash Parmar 5/2/2017 mp3
Exodus 15: Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth Aash Parmar 6/11/2016 mp3
oBEdient - Honesty with God Aash Parmar 18/10/2015 mp3
New Beginnings: Holy Spirit Aash Parmar 6/9/2015 mp3
Connected Week 4: Connecting to God Aash Parmar 26/7/2015 mp3
Connected Week 3: Generations Aash Parmar 19/7/2015 mp3
Connected Week 2: Marriage Aash Parmar 12/7/2015 mp3
God is Greater Aash Parmar 26/6/2015 mp3
Guest speaker Josh Thomas 8/6/2014 mp3
Standing in the gap Aash Parmar 6/5/2014 mp3
Freedom Aash Parmar 27/4/2014 mp3
Easter Sunday service Aash Parmar 20/4/2014 mp3
Good Friday service Aash Parmar 18/4/2014 mp3
What do you do when God speaks? Aash Parmar 6/4/2014 mp3
Portrait of the Saviour - Do you need Jesus? Aash Parmar 30/3/2014 mp3
Going - The early Church Aash Parmar 16/3/2014 mp3
Portrait of the Saviour - The Good Samaritan Aash Parmar 9/3/2014 mp3
Portrait of the Saviour - Jesus Anointed Aash Parmar 2/3/2014 mp3
Teaching from Mark 2 Aash Parmar 23/2/2014 mp3
Standing out - Standing together Aash Parmar 16/2/2014 mp3
2 - Intimacy - with one another Aash Parmar 9/2/2014 mp3
1 - Intimacy - with God Aash Parmar 2/2/2014 mp3
Guest Speaker Andrew Binns 26/1/2014 mp3
4 - Behave - 01 Dec 2013 Aash Parmar 2/1/2014 mp3
3 - Become - 24 Nov 2013 Aash Parmar 1/1/2014 mp3
1 - Belong - 10 Nov 2013 Aash Parmar 1/1/2014 mp3
The Christmas story - Obedience Aash Parmar 22/12/2013 mp3
2- Believe 17 Nov 2013 Aash Parmar 17/11/2013 mp3
Living in the light of Christ Amy Fields 20/10/2013 mp3
Beatitudes series - final week Aash Parmar 13/10/2013 mp3
Not a fan series week 4 - What must I do Aash Parmar 23/5/2013 mp3
Not a fan series week 3 - Follow me Aash Parmar 15/5/2013 mp3
Not a fan series week 2 - Fan or follower Aash Parmar 8/5/2013 mp3
Not a fan series week 1 - Daring to be changed Aash Parmar 1/5/2013 mp3

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David and Prayer
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